The Low-Cut Dress Makeover

We found this fun, sparkly dress at the local Deseret Industries thrift store for just $6! It had sleeves and a high back. So what's the problem?

reddidressfulllengthfront.jpg (16518 bytes)


reddidressfulllengthback.jpg (17706 bytes)

The problem is the front neckline. It's too low. It doesn't look so bad when you're looking at it from eye-level, straight on, but when you're looking down - you can see a little more of our mannequin than she'd like you to see!

reddidresscloseup.jpg (32060 bytes)

reddidresslookingdown.jpg (50093 bytes)

Here is how the dress looks after the makeover.

reddidressfullafter.jpg (12809 bytes)

reddidressaftercloseup.jpg (77221 bytes)
A little higher neckline...

reddidressafterlookingdown.jpg (69265 bytes).
... looks good from any angle!


What We Did

We cut 3" off the bottom of the dress and used it to make a drape that we sewed around the neckline.

First we cut a 3" length off the bottom of the dress, and picked out the 1" hem. Then we narrow-hemmed both long sides of the piece.

Next we folded the material in half (along the short edge), to find the middle. We stitched a straight seam along the middle, tapering it in 1" on the top side (this created a dart that lets the drape lie flat, instead of giving a cowled effect). This gave us a slightly V-shaped drape. We hand-stitched the drape at the center seam, then gathered it slightly.

Next we placed the drape over the dress's neckline, centering the gathers at the center of the neck, and tapering the drape out to the shoulders. Then we hand-stitched the drape to the dress. We folded the drape at the shoulder seams, cut off the excess material, turned the drape under, and hand-stitched the material to the dress at the shoulder seam.

Note that this makeover does shorten the dress. In some cases, it might make a long dress more of a tea-length dress. If you don't want to shorten your dress, you can always do this makeover with a coordinating piece of fabric - maybe a sheer organza or something similar. If your dress is a solid color, you might want to consider using a sparkly fabric for the drape, then letting it hang down the back instead of trimming it at the shoulder seam.